Emotional Health & Recovery Support Group

Why heal alone? Join our community of friends. We've been there.

loneliness. depression. broken relationships. anxiety. low self-esteem. addiction. employment issues. housing issues. stress. feeling lost. negative thinking.

How can the group help me? Relieve built up stress by sharing. Make natural friends with people going through the same problems. Discover a  way to live with and express emotions. Learn from other people recovering. Be inspired.

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Suicide Bereavement Support Group

Have you or someone you know suffered a loss due to suicide? Bereavement is a state of intense grief and we are offering a 6 week support group to help. There is no need to go through it alone.

Caregiver Support Group

For any person who needs support caring for an ill loved one or friend. The atmosphere is informal and allows for lively conversation and sharing of mutual concerns. The group offers:

  • to become better informed about chronic illness, especially mental health and addiction
  • to lend mutual support
  • to learn about treatments and community services
  • to share experiences 
  • to realize that you are not alone caring for a loved one

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